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What the TradingView platform is designed for and what it is all about

TradingView is a platform of interactive charts and detailed analytics on trading assets - cryptocurrency, stocks, financial and all kinds of indices, as well as other trading assets. Besides, TradingView is also a social network for traders with the possibility of subscribing to each other, exchanging messages and publishing forecasts of asset rate changes accompanied by charts. TradingView has many comprehensive tools for analyzing data, but in addition to that you can easily build a chart and follow it in real time.

Today, the TradingView website is available in more than 22 languages and contains a lot of useful functionality, which is not easy to understand without detailed instructions, especially if you are a beginner trader.

Join TradingView and get the advantages on financial markets

Platform tools that distinguish it from other similar resources and services:

  • Up-to-date charts of a huge number of trading platforms and markets.
  • A wide range of analysis tools.
  • Hundreds of technical indicators, both classic and author's indicators developed by the platform users.
  • Possibility to save elements drawn on the charts.
  • Trading recommendations based on the analysis of popular indicators.
  • Screeners of stocks, cryptocurrencies and other assets.
  • Tools for testing trading strategies.
  • Customizable alerts on market events.
  • A trading panel that allows you to make transactions on exchanges without leaving the platform interface.
  • Real-time updated news feed.
  • Widgets for websites.

This list is far from complete, but contains the most popular tools of the Tradingview platform.

The TradingView platform has a user-friendly interface with many features for trading

On the right side of the Tradingview website there is a fixed panel that displays the contents of one of the tabs present on it:

  • Quotes, Information and News - a default infoblock with an arbitrary or user-defined list of assets (displaying current prices and their percentage change), detailed trading data for the highlighted row and a feed of events affecting the markets.
  • Alerts - list of active and history of completed alarms created by the user.
  • Market Leaders - real-time updated data on the leaders of growth and decline on different trading floors.
  • Economic Calendar - a feed of future events important for the market.
  • My Ideas - list of forecasts published by the user.
  • Chats - public chats for platform members to communicate on the topics of traded assets or TradingView functionality.
  • Private Chats - private chats with other users.
  • Ideas feed - a list of new forecasts from subscribed authors, as well as updates to favorite ideas.
  • Notifications - a feed of notifications about user mentions in chats and comments, new subscribers, likes on ideas, etc.
So TradingView can undoubtedly be called one of the best platforms available today for traders and analysts who need an extensive set of customizable tools for working with charts.
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